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Marianne C. Alipe is 28 years of age, single mother with a daugher who is 8 years old and mother who needs her support.

From July 2014-June 2016 - Worked in Bahrain. The employer have 2 children (5-g,3-b), 3 storey house. She looked after the children, send and fetch them from school, play feed, entertain, talk & read for them, she sometimes sing for them. The house is quite big so they have a cook and another helper. She learns to cook Baharaine cooking like saluna chicken and others. She cleans, washing and do the ironing as well. The family she worked for is a Royal Family. Finished Contract.

From Nov 2012-Dec 2013 - She worked in Doha Qatar for 1.1 years. The employer have children ages from 5,4,3 years old and extended family therefore they have 3 helpers as well. Reason for leaving father passed away.

Overall Marianne is a hardworking person, can adapt easily, a single mom with an 8 years old daughter and with a widowed mother who she need to support. Her mother is the one looking after her daughter when she is woking overseas. She is good with children, she can play, feed, sing, talk or read to them. Can send the children to school as well or any other activities, can cook either filipino or middle eastern food and can follow recipes, she likes dogs or cats, she can swim as well. Pleasant and she is good for children.

Salary S570/4 off days or 1 with 3X compensation.

Single Parent (27)
Ref: ANA-46EX
Upd on 17-Jan-17
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