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Ma. Cecilia C Ballestar, 30years old, Single Parent with 8 yrs old boy. Her mother & youngest sis is the one who will look after her son while she worked in Kuwait for 5.8 years for 1 employer.

Kuwait Exp - Dec 2010 - Aug 2016 - 5.8 years worked with 1 couple & 4 children ages 12,10 boys & 2 yrs old & 4 months old baby when she left her employment. They have 2 helpers in the house on & off during her employment, both her employer are working but when madam is in confinement, she will be staying up to 6 months to look after the baby & Cecilia will assist. She knows how to care of the baby, bathing, feeding, read stories, sing children song, play volleyball with the boys as they loved the games, alternating to look after the children with the other helper, Cecilia also can cook simple filipino food, Arabic food & willing to learn more,cleaning all around the house, ironing, washing. The house is 2 storey house with another apt for the helper.

Overall Ma. Cecilia have a kind and happy face, soft spoken, can communicate in english well, good attitude. She is ok to look after newly born but need assistance (As different family have their way) but willing to follow & learn, children of any age,elderly care for bedridden or not she is willing to take care as she have expereince for a few months with her grandma who was bedridden until she regain her health. Can work with vegetarian family but eat less chillies. She is ok with pets like dogs or cats.

Single Parent (30)
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Elizabeth Cabrera is single & 51 years of age & has been working a totalled 15 year both in HK & S'pore. She is the bread winner of her family & never been married & no children but loves children & elderly.

She worked in HK from 1993-2000 with 2 employers. From 1993-1997 - 4 yrs Finished contract. Her employer was single the first year until he got married & had a baby boy whom she looks after him until she left the employment. She is all around & baby sleep with her. She is the sole care giver of the baby as both employer are working.

From 1997-2000 - Worked in HK for 3 yrs with 2 children, age of children is 5 yrs old & the boy is 1 yrs old&

In Singapore she worked since 2001 up to the present. From June 2001 - May 2003 - finished contract.

Single (51)
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