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Elizabeth Cabrera is single & 51 years of age & has been working a totalled 15 year both in HK & S'pore. She is the bread winner of her family & never been married & no children but loves children & elderly.

She worked in HK from 1993-2000 with 2 employers. From 1993-1997 - 4 yrs Finished contract. Her employer was single the first year until he got married & had a baby boy whom she looks after him until she left the employment. She is all around & baby sleep with her. She is the sole care giver of the baby as both employer are working.

From 1997-2000 - Worked in HK for 3 yrs with 2 children, age of children is 5 yrs old & the boy is 1 yrs old&

In Singapore she worked since 2001 up to the present. From June 2001 - May 2003 - finished contract.

Single (51)
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